HeartMind Leadership Coaching

We are All Leaders When We Lead From the Heart

A quantum coaching modality bridging the gap between science and soul, merging neuroscience of transformation with the mysteries of the heart to awaken consciousness, evolve the brain and activate your highest potential.


Executive and Leadership Coaching

Increase your emotional, intuitive and conversational intelligence to transform, inspire and empower. Increase motivation and engagement toward a shared purpose and vision.

Group and Team coaching

Learn to thrive within paradox. Move form resistance into alignment and productivity. Increase trust, connection, and communication to energize teams to innovate, collaborate and co-create.

Transformative Life Coaching

Get out of your head and into your heart to awaken the truth of who you really are. Own your power, live with purpose and consciously create the rich and fulfilling life of your dreams.

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Genele Edey, ICF-ACC

Welcome to HML Coaching. I’m a certified coach, intuitive, consciousness awakener and brain technologist. I’ve designed a coaching modality that transforms on a cellular level. As an intuitive, I work energetically to accelerate your transformation. It’s not something that can be explained, it must be experienced. More

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