the heart is the new frontier of human consciousness

The heart has a brain, neurons, and an intelligence that decodes and processes our intuitive information influencing everything from our health and emotional regulation, to thoughts and perceptions. It sends more neural traffic to our brains that the brain does to our heart. When we connect to the higher consciousness of our hearts, we are able to retrain and reprogram our brains, to break lifelong patterns of unconscious beliefs, habits of thinking, feeling and behaviors.

  • Are you unable to create and sustain positive lasting change? 

  • Have you tried other modalities of personal growth with LIMITED success?

  • Do you frequently drop back into negative habits of thinking, feeling, and actions? 

  • Do you experience recurring patterns and blocks in key areas of your life? 

  • Do you try to control people, places and things to feel empowered? 

  • Are you dissatisfied and disempowered by your present life circumstances?

  • Are you a slave to time, money and dreams of a better futurE where you are Happy?  

There is a solution. Profound and lasting transformation is possible by understanding the human condition and getting to the roots of our humanity. These roots reside are our neurons and our own brain's hard-wired neural networks. Once these networks are hard-wired they control us and our behaviors. They are not changed by traditional modalities or therapies. We must be willing to uproot, reprogram and rewire our own brains with the assistance of the higher consciousness of our heartmind. The root word of heart in Latin means courage.

Deep transformation is a heroic act that takes awareness and willingness to break lifelong habits of beliefs, thinking, feeling, being and doing. It is an inner journey from the head to the heart. Understanding how the human brain affects each of us is profoundly liberating, provides new awareness, and a powerful path forward into a life of empowerment and personal sovereignty. Connecting with the higher consciousness of our own hearts is nothing less than mind-blowing.  Everything is possible when we are awake, aligned, and consciously co-creating the life we've always dreamed of by heart. 



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Brain training and reprogramming

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Gain awareness around intention and impact. Increase your emotional, intuitive and conversational intelligence to create a culture that is collaborative, inclusive, and intentional.  


Renew trust and reconnect to a shared purpose and vision. Increase connection, communication and collaboration. Bridge reality gaps and energize teams to innovate and co-create. 


Remove the blocks of false beliefs, invisible ways of thinking and programming that separate you from the truth of who you really are. Get clear about what you choose to create and the steps to get there.


About Me

Genele Edey

I'm a transformative coach, certified through the ICF and in advanced group and team coaching. I am passionate about human consciousness, neuroscience and heart science, yet as a psychic, intuition has always been my super power. Most of the experiences, wisdom and knowledge I've gained have been guided by my higher self and inner guidance. I have always been a truth teller,  seeker and student of life, a passion for metaphysics, quantum physics and spirituality, I've gone through many a dark night of the soul coupled with many of life's challenges. One of the greatest challenges for me is a clinically tested IQ in the top 2 percent which means my mind is busy and powerful despite my intuition. The huge breakthrough for me was when I connected with both neuroscience and heart science. That's when the final piece of the puzzle fit. I could talk circles around any subject, but I did not embody the learning, meaning I was out of alignment and not walking my talk. I had to learn how to pause and retrain my own brain to transcend my busy mind and align with my heartmind.