Genele Edey, ICF-PCC

Transforming Lives, Leaders and Organizations


I am a transformative coach, intuitive, and energetic healer. I have so much compassion for this thing we call the human experience. I am deeply passionate about neuroscience and the breakthroughs in human consciousness. Not only has it transformed my life and the way I perceive everything, it's transformed my clients. It is my profound belief that if all of us understood the basics of the human brain we would evolve very quickly in our collective consciousness. My other passions include for the neuroscience of the heart intuition, emotions, and conversations.  I am a lifelong student of psychology, astrology, quantum physics, metaphysics, spirituality and the mysteries of existence. 

My professional trajectory includes over three decades from the Hollywood movie biz, to Seattle's tech, mobile and start-up industries. I have an entrepreneurial spirit, love of innovation and first-hand experience with both highly functional and dysfunctional leaders, groups and teams.

My personal journey has been somewhat unconventional and my innate curiosity led to seeking answers to three questions:  Who am I?, Why I am here?, and What is my purpose? 

As an experiential learner, there is not a lot I haven't done including lots of journeying, experimenting, researching, studying, hundreds of temp jobs, high tech contracting, relationships, travels and my share of personal challenges - all of which make me highly relatable and uniquely qualified as a coach. 

There is a Souix saying that 'the longest journey we will ever take is the one from the head to the heart."  We are ultimately the experts of our own lives and the answers we seek are inside each of us if we can quiet the mind and listen to the wisdom of the heart. Life is not a destination but an incredible journey. When we let go of minds fear of uncertainly the doors of limitless possibility open inviting us into a new way of being in a co-creative dance with the quantum field. We choose our relationship to what shows up in our lives and stuff will always show up.  Ultimately, self-knowledge and living by soul essence is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and humanity as our legacy. We are here to love and to create. 

As a coach, I will guide you to see your life from a totally new perspective, transcending limitations of the brain, personality and circumstance, into an expansive view of endless possibility.  I am deeply grateful to share my gifts to assist you in your journey of remembering who you really are, disconnect from brain patterns that keep you stuck, and how to consciously create the life you were meant to live by heart.  I love what I do and I do what I love and you can too!


Transformative vs. Transactional Coaching

Transformative coaching has quickly emerged as the most innovative and effective way to create deep and lasting change. Neuroscience beautifully illustrates why change must happen on a cellular level in order for our external world to shift. It shows scientifically how the brain works in creating our reality and the role our own beliefs, thoughts and feelings contribute. Making conscious the unconscious reveals hidden blocks and blindspots that allow for powerful breakthroughs. The moment there is new awareness everything has already shifted. 

No matter what happens outside of myself or what others think of me, I will shine my beautiful light and express my unique essence. No one can take that away from me for that is my personal sovereignty.
— Genele