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Increase awareness around intention and impact. Up your conversational IQ to create a culture that is intimate, inclusive, and intentional.  Learn More


Renew trust, reconnect to shared purpose and bridge reality gaps CI-Q. Energize teams to innovate and co-create.  Learn More


Remove the blocks of false beliefs, invisible ways of thinking and programming that separate you from the truth of who you are.  Learn More



Discover the Treasure in Your Chest

Turns out the heart has a brain, neurons, and an intelligence that decodes and processes our intuitive information. Not only does it provide the rhythm section for the body's sophisticated orchestration of vital processes, it influences everything from health and emotional regulation, to thoughts and perceptions. Heart super powered neurons are in constant communication with the brains. The Heart is quickly becoming the single most vital organ in the human body. When we awaken our heart consciousness we can pause <||> default brain settings and reprogram our minds to transform not only our personality, but our personal reality.  Learn More


Brain Basics


Neuroscience is the study of how the brain and nervous system work to drive our behavior. Breakthroughs in neuroscience allow us to better understanding the brain's physiology and how it affects every aspect of our lives. Science happily takes the ego out of the equation because we're all challenged by the basic functionality and limitations of the human brain.  Most are surprised to learn the primary role their own brain plays in their lives, yet many still continue to live on auto-pilot. Understanding the ABC's of the brain allows increases emotional intelligence by better understanding emotional triggers, and emotional regulation. Much like a DVR, the brain is a sophisticated recording device of life experience filed as memory. This memory creates unconscious programs, neural networks and default settings that control beliefs, behaviors, thinking, feelings, and actions.  Literally what we thing, feel and experience as physical reality is through the lens of stored memory.  Learn More


About Me

Genele Edey

I'm an intuitive neuro-nut, heartminder and brain hacker, passionate about the neuroscience of transformation and the hidden powers of the heart brain. I'm a professionally trained transformative coach, ICF and advanced group and team certified. I provide coaching, training, and workshops. I assist you to rewire your brain and increase intuitive, emotional and conversational intelligence. I awaken individuals to consciously co-create, innovate and originate from essence.  Learn More